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Queries on recent (post-1920) dates

In general I will reject queries which might be non-genealogical in nature (skip tracers, "stalkers", etc.). Queries on recent dates will typically use an entirely different set of sources than genealogical queries. Former neighbors would be one good source. Most public libraries include phone directories sorted by address rather than name, which would be one way to find possible former neighbors. You might also try schools, if you know where the family went to school.

One public source of U.S. death information from 1962 to the present is the Social Security Death Index, which you can search online at . But that data is incomplete; e.g. many people who died until fairly recently never had Social Security numbers.

Old non-surname queries (place names, buildings, organizations, ...)

Index: Baileytown, Beaver Pond, Brick Church Cemetery, cemeteries, Eagle Council, firemen, Foresters, Goulden Foundation, Haverstraw Precinct, hospital (Viola Road), Johnsontown, Kakiat Dutch Reformed Church, Lakeside School, newspapers (Stony Point), occupations (Stony Point), Pine Meadow, Queensboro, Sandyfields, Scots in Kakiat, Tappan Farms, tax records (Nyack),

7 Sep 1998: Kathy Unsel Gillis <> Is there a firemen's organization that could give me info re an ancestor of my husband? His ancestor was born in 1862. He was a fireman in Rockland County after he left Queens County, NY.

11 Aug 1998 Kelly Jane O'Hara <> I have an obituary from 1959 re: Adolph MILLER. It states that in 1905 he founded the "Eagle Council 142 , Jr. O. U. A. M." and gives the location of the councils chambers as Rt. 59, Spring Valley , NY. Can anyone identify this organization or suggest where I could find what the initials stand for?

28 Jul 1998 Laurie Byrd <> Does any one know if there is a listing available of the cemeteries in the Rockland Co. area?

29 Jul 1998 reply from Bob Protzmann <> I know of no single listing of all cemeteries in Rockland Co, NY. The cemeteries in the Town of Clarkstown were not only listed, but so were their residents, in "That All May Be Remembered", by Peter Krell (deceased), a member of the Genealogical Society of Rockland Co and the now defunct, Society for the Presevation of Rockland Cemeteries. Peter's work on cemeteries in the Town of Ramapo will hopefully be available within the next year.

There are many cemetery listings in the various works of the BUDKE Collection, which is available at the New York Public Library. Some portions of Budke's works are available in the New City Library in Rockland Co.

30 Dec 1998 reply from Bruce Hamilton See Bob Protzmann's new cemetery list at

25 Jul 1998 Stephen C. MacDougall <> Scots in Kakiate 1738-1764. In 1738, 1739 and 1740, Captain Laughlin CAMPBELL brought 470 people from Scotland to New York City with the promise of free land upstate New York. The land deal (Argyle Patent, in what is now Washington County) did not go through until 1764. Most of these people, while awaiting their promised land, moved to Orange County (now Rockland) settling near the villages of Tappan, Goshen, and Highlands.

Some of my ancestors who were among these Scots, got married and had children there and I've seen references to Kakiate as birthplaces and marriage places. I'm trying to find any info I can that references anything about these immigrants while they lived in this area, whether it be just a book title or something someone might know about it.

15 Jun 1998 Louise Post <> Can anyone tell me if the records for the Kakiat Dutch Reformed Church have been published or copied by the LDS?

Also, does anyone know what year the Kakiat Dutch Reformed Church began? Looking for baptism records 1771 to 1795.

18 Jun 1998 reply from "Dorothy A. Koenig" <> According to Russell Gasero's 1992 book, "Historical Directory of the Reformed Church in America" (page 387), the Kakiat DRC was organized in 1774. It is now called Spring Valley, NY - West New Hempstead.

11 Jun 1998 Louise E. Post <> Is anyone familiar with an area of Rockland County and Bergen County (before the border change) that was known as Tappan Farms? This was apparently land owned by William Bayard and leased out to tenant farmers. I would like to learn more about this property.

22 May 1998 Louise Post <> Can anyone tell me where Haverstraw Precinct was in 1775 and what area it would be related to today?

5 May 1998 Gene Skulrak <> Whee can I find the tax records for Nyack for the 1850's? I am looking for information on Robert MORRIS who once owned a mill in the Nyack area in the late 1850's. Robert Morris ran the Mill from the 1858 until his enlistment in the army in March of 1864.

28 Apr 1998 Joan Brooks <> My grandfather, Arthur Knox DOIG, M.D., who was a physician in Nyack during the period 1900 through 1928, when he was killed in an auto accident, belonged to a fraternal order (I think) called the ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS. Can anyone tell me what this order was all about and how I can obtain information on it?

20 Mar 1998 Lisa SIEGRIEST-Ruffe <> 7137 Carillon Ave., Cocoa, FL 32927. I'm interested in finding medical records from the Hospital that use to be on Viola Road. This Hospital use to stand where RCC is now. My great grand father was at this hospital between the time of 1920 to 1922 ( 1922 was when he died). Would the Rockland County Heath place in Pomona have these records?

Also, I'm looking for the phone number or address for the cemetery that is located on Hempstead Road ( old or new). On my great grand fathers death cert it states that his place of burial is: Something Hempstead , the under taker was S.H.Smith of Spring Valley.

reply from Millicent I. Charette <> I believe the cemetery is called Brick Church cemetery and is still going strong. My parents are buried there. If you get the telephone no. and address please let me know because I believe my grandparents are buried there also. YONEX - PA and Rockland County.

8 Feb 1998 James McNellis <> what were the primary occupations in the STONY POINT area at the turn of the century? I assume agriculture, fishing and ice harvesting, but was there any mining going on in the area at that time?

8 Feb 1998 James McNellis <> Which newspaper(s) were dominant for the STONY POINT area around 1890-1910? Where can one research local news and obituaries for that period?

10 Jan 1998  Jerry Hughes <> Looking for any information about Lakeside School and the Thomas B. Goulden Foundation in Spring Valley, Rockland County, New York. In addition I would like to know if Lakeside School still maintains records dated from the 1950's and where and how I can access those records.

26 May 1998 reply from Bob Protzmann <>   I don't have any specific information on the Lakeside School, but they are still in existence. I have contributed 3 of my old cars to them for their automotive training program. They are listed in the Rockland Co. Telephone Book with the following listings:

Lakeside Family and Children's Services

25 South Main St, Spring Valley, NY 10977 578-6800

Auto Shop 1-9 Roosevelt Ave, Spring Valley 356-7828

Group Home 2C Ridge Ave, 25 South Main Spr Val 578-6777

Group Home 57 Roosevelt Av 25 So Main Spring Valley 578-6776

I didn't find anything on the Thomas B. Goulden Foundation.]

20 Sep 1997 Leslie Baisley <>, Florence Anderson, and Pearle Miesner. We have just had another reunion of descendants of the vanished hamlets that is now the Pallisades Interstate Park in Rockland & Orange Counties. We are planning one for next year and are looking for relatives of people who lived in these towns: Baileytown, Johnsontown, Beaver Pond/Sandyfields, Pine Meadow and Queensboro. The pictures, pedigree charts, and of course meeting distant relatives was great. If you are a descendant, please e-mail or write Leslie Baisley, PO Box 244, Stony Point, NY 10980

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